Vision and Mission

Corporate Vision

To be the leading provider of Information & Communications Technology products and Enterprise System Solution & IT Service Provider.
We strive for sustainable growth to achieve optimum return to shareholders.

Mission Statement

We shall strive to be a leading provider within Malaysia of reputable, quality computer systems, hardware, software, services and support for our customers
We shall conduct business with our valued customers and suppliers with professionalism and integrity.
We shall have an environment to develop, motivate and reward our staff by providing training and incentives for productivity.
We shall achieve the profitability for future growth and to give an adequate return to shareholders.
We shall be good corporate citizens with social responsibilities to our communities.

Goals and Mission

  • Become one of the leaders in IT hardware supplies in retail market.
  • Consolidate the many service desk functions across Selangor and Malaysia; better integrate and streamline tools for support on campus.
  • Fully integrate knowledge management tools with web infrastructure, service desk, and issue tracking systems; integrate search across support information.
  • Integrate change management, service monitoring, and the configuration management database (CMDB).
  • Use trend analysis data to plan capacity and anticipate and prevent service degradation.
  • Build a master data store fed from various sources of operational, financial, and resource capacity data; deploy reporting tool for the purposes of cross-functional and trend analysis.
  • Deploy CRM tool to track and correlate the broad client IT needs and opportunities; IT Services should use CRM tools to support IT across the Kelana Jaya community.
  • Maintain a web-based workflow for the creation and maintenance of up-to-date service information documents; provide version preview and commenting features within the same system used for online publication.
  • Monitor web site usage statistics to inform the planning and assess the value of support information and other documentation.
  • Deploy project management tool for IT Services in support of more centralized project management planning and reporting.
  • Integrate the systems used for documentation and support information with those used for ordering and billing (rates).
  • Investigate cross-functional reporting analytics and business intelligence tools.
  • Explore Software as a Service (SaaS)-based CRM systems which integrate well with enterprise infrastructure.
  • Leverage federated search across multiple online support content sources.
  • Monitor the development of Open Social API for flexible web UI development


  • Expand the retail business to other districts around Selangor.
  • Identify data sources for master data store; design database.
  • Acquire or leverage existing reporting tool for cross-functional analytical reporting.
  • Pilot dashboard metrics site based on Open Social API.
  • Find well-suited opportunities to consolidate decentralized Service Desk.
  • Pilot CRM solution.
  • Pilot centrally maintained project management tool.

Services Overview

Dice Technology is committed to provide you the best customer service experience

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